About Gisèle

Opening Gisèle's Hair Salon has been a dream of mine since I first held scissors back in 1976. I gave my first haircut on my very first day of cosmetology school. I was rewarded with 20 dollars and a beaming smile from the client for "my great cut" ...those words were music to my ears!  I was struck from that moment by how my work could positively impact others...and with that a life-long passion was born!!


I enjoy the creative side of my profession that allows me to be an Artist, as I see myself.....color is so much fun.  Continuing Education plays an important role, as it gives us insight into new and exciting trends and ideas that can better serve our Clients Taking care of my clients while they are in my chair, allowing me to be creative with their color, hair-styles and make-up, has opened the door for many incredible friendships.  Connecting people to one another through the work that I do has been tremendously rewarding as well, both personally and professionally.  I also love the creative side and continuos education to learn the newest trends to better help developing hair colors and styles to suit my clients individual personalities - and observing the outcomes!!!


Hair and makeup to me is all about enhancing ones' inner beauty and bringing it out in the open for others to see.  I am truly blessed to say that I love going to work each day knowing that I can and DO make a difference!!