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Haircuts and Hair Coloring

We start all our appointments with a detailed consultation to learn about you, your specific needs, and your lifestyle. Our trained stylists will consider your skin tone, prominent features, face shape, and your desire to disguise or highlight any particular features before offering their professional assistance. Together we will discuss various hairstyles and design the look you want. Whether you want a single hair coloring, or the latest trend hair coloring like ombre, balayage or latest fantasy colors, and even corrective coloring our hair stylist will surely guide you to your ultimate look. We use Scruples products for hair colors it has been our trusted hair products for year till to this date. Here at Gisele’s salon we can do whatever it is you desire from any women’s haircut, men’s haircut or children haircut you will surely get the service you deserve.

Women’s, Men’s, Children Haircuts

Do you feel overwhelmed by the steep number of available hairstyles? At Hair Salon Services, our stylists keep up with the ever-changing and fast-moving world of women’s haircuts. Whether you love your flowing tresses, want an elegant bob, or prefer a fashionable razor-cut look, we will find a way to make it work for you. Personalization is the hallmark of a high quality haircut, and our skilled hairstylists see their profession as an art. Connecting to people through work is rewarding for them, both personally and professionally.

Women are not the only ones who can take advantage from a professional haircut. A clean, quality men’s haircut is an art with little to no margin for error. Our seasoned hairstylists execute men’s haircuts with care and precision, ensuring a quality result every time. Furthermore, we also offer the perfect “surfer dude” look as well as relaxed mop-top-style cuts. So sit back and enjoy a soothing scalp massage and shampoo as part of the service.

For active kids, it’s essential to have a manageable haircut style. Our hairstylists have experience in stylish children haircuts and will give your child a hairstyle that is simple to care for – something all moms and dads appreciate.

Corrective Coloring and Latest Trends

Corrective hair coloring is one of the most desired things nowadays, mainly because of the shimmer and shine it adds to lackluster, dull hair. It is a preferable way to cover gray and change the look of your hair. However, if corrective coloring is not done under the guidance of hair experts, the experience can be disastrous. At Hair Salon Services, our hair color specialists are amongst the best in performing corrective color services in the Larchmont area.

We always make it at point that we keep up with the lastest trends in colors, hairstyle and make up. At Gisele’s Salon, we constantly attends seminars that will guide us in providing the latest in this industry. We want to always offer our clients the best there is.


This is the process in which the color of the hair gradually changes from one color to another. This method is achieved by maintaining a darker color close to the roots which then transforms into a lighter color as it spread to the tip of the hair. The ombré effect does not have any particular chosen color but most customers prefer to select color that is close to their natural hair at the top that blends with it and work it down to the bottom with a lighter color. Our stylist will be happy to guide you the right method to use to bring out the beauty from your hair, if you are running out of idea. Some ladies like it darker from their shoulders and lighter at the end while some want it to be evenly spaced with color transition in between. No matter how you like it, we will surely help you to achieve the look you desire.


Balayage – also known as “hair painting” this method has been around for a long time and have start gaining more attention as more request have been on high demand in today salons. Balayage is mainly done by hair colorist paints by hand on the highlights, and will applied throughout the hair in a haphazard pattern. Regular highlights are done with caps or foils but applying a proper balayage treatment will make your hair looks more natural compared to streaked highlights.. At Gisele’s Salon, you can ask for Balayage highlights as well as lowlights to give your hair the extra edge in coloring that can be dazzlingly striking to match your hair style and personality.

Latest Fantasy Colors

In the color spectrum, three major colors makes up all other colors and these primary colors are blue, red and yellow. In hair colors, artificial colors molecules differ from size to size. Yellow be the largest, red in the middle and blue being the smallest. So when you apply hair color, the hair cuticle opens up to allow the colors to absorbs into the shaft which then seals back to preserve these molecules. Here at Gisele’s we continiously keep up with the latest trends, specially in colors. Be bold and and expresssive on your color choices and we will be here to accomplish your fantasy colors.

Scruples Hair Products for high quality results

Scruples hair products deliver essential environmental protection and conditioning to your hair. They help restore moisture and protein in your hair in order to improve hair’s inner strength and maintain elasticity.


What Our Clients are Saying

  • “She was wonderful, really taking the time to evaluate my face shape and create the best design possible. She’s also a very compassionate and engaging person, who cares about her community. It is really admirable that she donates her time to helping people in New Rochelle who might not be able to get a hair-cut. I left her salon with a fabulous cut.”

  • “I was recommended to Gisele by a friend. As soon as I walked in the door to her shop for my appointment I knew I was in good hands. I felt so relaxed as soon as I sat down. Immediately I was offered a glass of water or coffee which was greatly appreciated. Gisele and her staff were so friendly and nice and knew exactly the look I was going for. I was very excited about my new hair leaving there. Gisele is a very kind and beautiful soul. Thank you girls!”

  • “I found Gisele through Yelp. She is a true artist and help transform my dull hairstyle to a fashionable mommy style. I showed her an inspiration photo and she worked her artistic magic and made a hairstyle suited for me. It was exactly what I wanted. Plus she is so friendly. She gave me recommendations for furniture shops as we just moved to the area. Will def recommend her to my friends and family.”

  • “In my effort to eventually let my blonde hair grow out to the inevitable gray…Gisele gave me a partial (crown) weave today–a mix of platinum and light ash. So beautiful. I posted photos to FB and my friends are raving. The color, combined with a face-framing cut, gives me confidence for upcoming job interviews. So very happy. Thank you, Gisele, and talented/gracious staff.”